Blue Ridge Furfare 2020: Prom Weekend will feature two Dealers Dens for twice the fun! Dealers Den A is located by the Front Lobby. Dealers Den B is located by the Main Events room. Be sure to check out all the art, merchandise, and costuming we have in store.

Friday: 12PM - 6PM
Saturday: 10AM - 6PM
Sunday: 10AM - 5PM


To celebrate our opening year in the mountains, Dealers Den vendors will be provided daily boxed lunches and nightly buffet access. A table purchase also includes one full weekend admission. Sponsor upgrades are available in the Application.

Per North Carolina law, Dealers Den applicants must provide Blue Ridge Furfare their Name, Address, and North Carolina Tax ID. Acquiring a North Carolina Tax ID is a free and easy process. ( )



Thursday: 5PM - Midnight
Friday: 10AM - Midnight
Saturday: 10AM - Midnight
Sunday: 10AM - Midnight

Calling all anthro artists rising and seasoned! The Artist Alley is located in the front lounge and ready for your kind of creative magic. All spaces are free of charge and first come first serve, so pounce on them whenever you can. Everything from art commissions, to trinkets, to books are welcome.


- Any exposed adult artwork (18+) is strictly prohibited. The Artist Alley is located in a public area and must remain family friendly at all times.

- One artist per half table. (3 Feet)

- Only artists may sit behind tables.

- No open drinks or messy snacks are permitted.

- Per North Carolina law, Artist Alley participants must sign in with a Name, Address, and North Carolina Tax ID. Acquiring a North Carolina Tax ID is a free and easy process. ( ) A sign in book will be provided onsite. Blue Ridge Furfare is not responsible for collecting and processing vendor taxes.

A1 ) GOH OrlandoFox
The Guest of Honor for Blue Ridge Furfare: Prom Weekend. Presenting prints, stickers, and various traditional sketches in their iconic style.

A2 ) Darkmoon Creatures
Fursuit pieces and supplies.

A3 ) Artsyfilmer Productions
Glassware and wood burning.

Specializing in kemono artwork and merch such as dakimakura, prints, charms, and more!

A5 ) Klovesbunnies Art
Fursuit parts, fursuit partials, buttons, stickers, fursuit bandanas, tails and ears. Also featuring take home / at table commissions!

A6 ) Blue Ridge Furfare: Convention Store
Proudly presenting Blue Ridge Furfare: Prom Weekend merchandise such as shirts, hoodies, pillows, and prom decor. Be sure to stop by for a free poster!

A7 ) Anthro Southeast & Beyond
The home base of our friends with Anthro Southeast, a furry convention located in the beautiful Chattanooga, Tennessee. Do you have a flyer for your local event or convention? Drop it off here!

A8 ) Triangle Manor
Empowering t-shirts, patches, stickers, fursuit sprays, and soaps, all lovingly handmade by a queer art collective.

A9 ) Crafty as a Coyote
Plushies, pins, art, commissions.

A10 ) Sirkus
Custom art, badge, and animation commissions. Fandom inspired merch including 25 daki designs, enamel pins, mousepads, acrylic keychains, standees, lanyards, elastic wristbands, and more!

A11 ) Argi Arts
Fine art prints, tote bags, cinch bags, stickers, decals, enamel pins, patches, buttons, t-shirts, bandanas, and blankets!

A12 ) Scoper Monstar
Monster Paws, ears, tails, and enamel pins.

B1 - B2) Lydiarts and Crafts
A variety of apparel, including shirts, hoodies, bandanas, and hats. Also selling accessories, including bracelets, lanyards, keychains, enamel pins, and more!

B3 ) Split Hares
Plushes, bags, enamel pins, stationery and accessories!

B4 ) Dragonmelde Illustrations
Illustrations, prints, koozies, bottle openers, stickers, buttons, and acrylic standees. Featuring at-con badge commissions drawn live at the table. Also accepting take-home commissions in both digital and traditional media.

B5 ) Entropy's Arts
Commissions, stickers, t-shirts, prints and decals.

B6 ) Inimitable Studios
Kawaii and Lolita themed everyday items. Japanese socks, stationery, keychains, cellphone charms, anime figurines, snapback hats (in-house designed), handmade jewelry and accessories, decoden, and plush.

B7 ) Vincent VonTrap
Custom shirts, stickers, mugs, and more.

B8 ) Hibiscus Stitch
Handmade plush, tails, ears, and fursuits.

B9 ) Bluefeatherkitten Art
Art, photography, keychains, pins, mugs, and t-shirts.

B10 ) Wildlion
Art prints, merchandise, buttons, stickers, bags, 3D printed accessories.

B11 ) EEK
Flower crowns, prints, buttons, commissions, ears, OC art.

B12 ) Blue Canary Gallery
Fursuit snap-and-go bandanas, custom badges and illustrations, cards, prints, enamel pins, and UV and waterproof designs

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