Virtual Con 101

Do you have questions about how to join in the fun of our Totally Radical Virtual Convention?

Read through these quick tips for all the answers you seek!

How do I watch the BRFF streams?

Every stream for Blue Ridge FurFare 2021 will first be streamed on our Twitch, as well as embedded right here on the website!

Oh No! I missed a stream! What can I do?

After their original air time, most panel and main event videos will be uploaded to our YouTube channel.

Check back with us later to view or review your favorite moments! 


Where can I find the Sponsor Lounge and Dealer's Rooms? 

These rooms will be added to our main Discord server before the con date so stay tuned for updates! 


What about VR?

We are hard at work on a VRChat component for our Virtual Convention, but this is still currently in development.  

Keep an ear out for an announcement!

Featured Super Sponsor Character: Tal The Otter

Art by: Synnra

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