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What is it?

Most of the content during Blue Ridge Furfare 2023: Mainfurame Meltdown! will be streamed on either the NCAS Twitch channel or Mixcloud. We also have an official BRFF Discord server where you can chat with other attendees, keep up with announcements, and browse our fully virtual Dealer’s Den! You can find links to those sites along with the streaming schedule below!

Mainfurame Meltdown will also feature a variety of VR content hosted through the program VRChat! The VRChat in BRFF is a schedule of meet ups, dances, and hang outs with friends and others in the furry community. You’ll be able to meet and mingle with other BRFF con-goers whether you’re on Quest, PCVR, or desktop (no headset required)!


How do I join?

First, you’ll have to be a part of the NCAS VR group! Follow the join link below and you’ll join our VRC group. Once you’re in, keep an eye out for group announcements. When the next meetup starts, it’ll be announced to the group and will appear in your launch pad like all other notifications.
Additionally, be sure to join our Discord community and follow us on Twitch and Mixcloud so you’re sure to catch every announcement and stream! Our Discord is also home to our official Dealer’s Den–make sure you stop by and browse our amazing selection of virtual dealers!


A meetup I want to go to is running in VRChat. How do I get in?

Once the announcement goes out, open your VRChat launch pad, navigate to the groups page by clicking the groups button. Next, find the BRFF group page and then navigate to the instance tab. There you should find the meetup instance. Click on the instance and then click the join button.


What happens at the end of the VR meetup?

Once the time has come for the meet up to end, the moderator will announce the end and drop a portal to a clone of the world. This will allow you to continue your conversion and hang outs while clearing the space for the next meetup. PLEASE NOTE, once you leave the NCAS controlled instance, you are on your own for internet safety. Please pay attention to what’s going on. Remember, if something starts happening you’re unsure of, you can always leave the world or leave VRChat.


How will the DJ streams work?

These will operate within VRChat in the same way as the meetups, only they will take place in a different world. Sadly, this world will be PC only, but you can always join the party by watching the stream from the Mixcloud link!

See the lineup of artists here!


Parental Information

While the instances in the group are controlled by NCAS and will be kept at a family friendly rating, this is the internet. Please be mindful of where your child goes, attend with them. The FTC guidelines state that VR headsets are recommended for children 13 years or older. They can still join us from the comfort of the desktop environment.


Get Connected

VRChat Group

Blue Ridge Furfare: Mainfurame Meltdown! Schedule


Discord   (Virtual Dealer’s Den as well as general community chat! )


Twitch  (All panels and main events will be streamed here)


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