Fursuiting activities abound at Blue Ridge Furfare, where new ways to play are added all the time. Some core Fursuit Programming includes the following:

BRFF 2020 is proud to carry the theme Prom Weekend. Get ready to be awarded for attention to costume. Dresses, tuxedos, sashes, hairstyles; the winning ingredients are up to your imagination. Entering the theme contest is simple as having your picture taken and posting it online using the hashtag #FurryPromDate. First place, second place, and third place prizes will be awarded during Closing Ceremonies. Who will win the crown of Prom Royalty and free admission to BRFF 2021? Find out Sunday night!

Fursuit Photo services will operate daily in the beautiful DoubleTree courtyard. Want to be photographed in the light of day? Or under the glow of string lights in the evening? Keep an eye on the BRFF schedule for exact hours. Remember to check out our prom themed photoshoot in the courtyard before the Prom Dance on Saturday.

Fursuiters unite for a collection of silly and whimsical games. Can your particular team of fluffy creatures outsmart the competition? Prowl over to find out what diabolical games the Furfare team has in store.

No convention is complete without the Headless Lounge, a place for fursuiters to unwind, cool down, and regain peace. The BRFF lounge will operate at a low temperature and provide a continuous supply of water. The room will also feature a full body mirror so fursuiters can get ready for showtime and back into character.

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