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Pyrocat Productions

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About the artist:  Hi there, I'm mostly digital artist from right here in NC! I mainly focus in animal, anthropomorphic and scifi/fantasy art! I enjoy using bold colors and lighting in my work. Cat collector. Tea enthusiast.

What they offer: Prints on semi-gloss Luster paper and gloss cardstock, Stickers (Vinyl, Holo and Brushed Metal), 2.25in Buttons- designs offered both in Pinback and Magnet styles. Acrylic Charms- double sided, double board. (you can check the merchandise tag on the blog linked above for some examples) I also offer digital commissions.

Onix Angel Creations

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About the artist: I'm a Canadian Fursuit maker and artist thats open for commissions! Come check out my merch shop for Pride clothing, furry themed goodies, or take a stab at making a suit yourself with my DIY parts!

What they offer: commissions for both art/fursuits. My website store will also be open. My web store provides fursuit parts, stickers, keychains, pride gear, etc

AR.GI.BI. Creative Studio

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About the artist: Two nerds creating works on many mediums and wares! Fans of animation, games and animals! LGBT+ owned studio in Columbus Ohio

What they offer: Original artwork featured on fine art prints, stickers, decals, enamel pins, face masks, patches, tote bags, cinch bags, fanny packs, sketchbooks, lanyards, wristbands, t-shirts, bandanas and more!


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About the artist: Hi! My name is Ben and I am a North Carolina fur making custom dakimakuras, 3d mousepads, backpacks, stickers, flags and more! I have no limits on what types of species and characters I can draw and I ship quickly! I also do regular digital art commissions as well!

What they offer: Dakimakuras: This can be either simply digital art or printed on a case! Includes sfw and nsfw art but for the sake of public dealing I can only do sfw if preferred! Backpack: These are custom backpacks with someones sona on them! Can be drawn in any way but I usually do an ita bag style usually! 3d mousepad: A mousepad with squishy pillows to rest your wrist on! These can also be sfw/nsfw but can be sfw only for the con! Stickers: These are basically just digital art printed on a sticker! I can do chibi style or my usual style! Headshots, halfbodies, and fullbodies possible! Flags: I usually do pride flags but they can be any flag or backround! I do these vertically or horizontally and they can be headshots/halfbodies/fullbodies as well! It can also have multiple characters!

Blue Canary Gallery

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About The artist: Blue Canary Gallery creates collectible fursuit snap-and-go bandanas, enamel pins, art prints, custom character art and badges, stickers, charm key chains, and lanyard designs.

What They Offer: a variety of original and collectable works. These include snap-and-go fursuit bandanas, which can be attached with little or no vision, acrylic charms, pins, lanyards, art prints, and UV and water-resistant stickers that generally feature cute and all-ages friendly designs.


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About the artist: Maitrevoleur specializes in anthro, cartoon illustrations, featuring mythical and unique cute creatures as their main focus in their merch. We offer enamel pins, stickers, keychains, and fursuit supplies, while also offering digital/physical art commissions.

What they offer: physical and digital products like enamel pins, stickers, keychains, badges, fursuit sprays and supplies, fursuit tails, and digital/physical commissions. -Our main focus in our merch is mythical creatures, hybrid creatures and some DND monsters. -A varianty of Fursuit spray scents, 7-10 flavors to choose from coconut mango, lavender to apple crisp and flower Lillies. -Premade tails and nubs.

Baja Gryphon

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About The artist: We are Baja & KaijuRiot providing merchandise made for the fandom with love, providing mainly MLP merchandise but expanding out, Hard & Soft Enamel pins, Consent badges, Charms, Hand fans ,Stickers, Jet Tags, Commissions + More!

What They Offer: Enamel pins, Charms, Stickers, JetTags, Handfans, Collapsible mirrors, PVC KeyChains, Car Decals, Wooden Bookmarks, Mousepads, Mugs/Drinkware, Light up Keychains, Apparel, speicality shaped Buttons - long Pronoun buttons, Ballpit Chains & Cuffs


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About the artist: I'm Shetani (she/her), a USA-based creative cheetah making my mark on the furry community since 2012. I offer stickers, pins, prints, interactive media, and even more goodies! Learn more about Shetani and follow me online at

What they offer: Self- and artist-designed furry themed stickers, pins, buttons, photo prints, greeting cards, interactive media, charity items

Aeluromancy LLC

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About the artist: Aeluromancy offers affordable premade fursuits and art commissions! If you’re in the market for a custom fursuit, feel free to stop by for a quote as well!

What they offer: I could have several (3-4) premade fursuits available for shipping the next day! I usually sell premades for less than $1000 to keep them affordable. I would also love to offer same weekend digital art commissions/shipped badges!

Bat Stitch Insane

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About the artist: Welcome to Bat Stitch Insane!! We have everything from plushies, cute little keychains, derpy art, all the way up to embroidered hoodies and shirts. We offer both premade and custom options!!

What they offer: Premade plushies, custom plush spots(only 3 open) premades are designs I've come up with to sell, complete with embroidered details. Custom badges, mostly my silly art style. Animal themed beanies ie hats, embroidered shirts and hoodies Small plush keychains (birds and cookie pets available at this time) Squeaky bean plushies

Shroompunk Studios

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About the artist: ShroomPunk is a SFW furry artist specializing in psychedelica and complex works. Will draw: furries, animals, robots, humans, monsters, cars, architecture, landscapes. Happy to draw from descriptions and design characters. Digital and traditional media options available.

What they offer: primarily a commission-based artist, and specialize both in psychedelic artwork and things with highly detailed backgrounds. I am a SFW artist, but aside from steering away from anything naughtier than pinups, I don't shy from terribly much in the way of subject matter. I've drawn anything from your usual cats and dogs to more unusual furry species like insects, aquatic animals, and I specialize in birds. I can draw robots, cars, architecture, you name it. My most popular niche has definitely been the psychedelic artwork, depicting people's characters in surreal or downright abstracted environments to their specifications, and I have been producing this kind of work for a few years now and am well-experienced with it. In addition to the typical digital artwork that comprises most of my commissions, I also have available some traditional media. I am a painter, able to work in oil and acrylic, and have painted furry portraits ranging from renaissance spoofs to blacklight reactive glamor shots. I also have some availability for wood carvings, primarily focused on small carved pins. Besides made-to-order artwork, I offer prints via INPRNT, have a small listing of premade adopts, and have a couple of zines available via


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About the artist: ZeroRemnants is a sole artist creating a larrge variety of items for the furry fandom! I specialize in products such as premade fursuit partials, fursuit tails and parts. I also offer other items such as plushies, fursuit props and mech such as pins, stickers and keychains!

What they offer: Fursuit Parts such as tails, handpaws and feetpaws. Fursuit Props, stickers, enamel pins, acrylic keychains, custom badge commissions

Hare Coven

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About the artist: Hare Coven is an illustration studio based in the mountain city of Asheville, NC. My artwork takes inspiration from rabbits, the occult, and fine art. I make all my paintings, prints, stickers, and sketchbooks with great love and intention.

What they offer: I offer prints of my paintings, stickers with simple illustrations, small handmade sketchbooks, block-prints on antique paper, and novelty coven membership cards.

Link Häggman

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About the artist: Hi! My name is Link and I'm a indie game developer. I'm the creator of the mystery furry game called Beast Crimes! The game is available on Steam.

What they offer: Digital Furry Games

Klovesbunnies Art

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About the artist: Klovesbunnies Art sells custom art, fursuit parts, fursuit pre-mades, plush, fursuit props, buttons, prints, fursuit sprays, stickers, animal ear headbands and more!

What they offer: custom and pre-made fursuits and fursuit parts. We have been making art and fursuits professionally since 2018. I've been selling at conventions since March 2020. My products consist of fursuit premades, buttons, button packs, waterproof vinyl stickers, scented foam paw squishy's, fursuit parts, 18 different fursuit sprays, fursuit bell collars, animal ear headbands, worm plushies, and various sizes of art prints.


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About the artist: SucculentScribbles is a Jack of all Trades artisan specializing in custom squishies, terrariums, ita bags, blankets, and more!

What they offer: Terrariums, jewelry, plushies, squishies, blankets, ita bags

Information For Dealers

Dealer FAQ Page: available here

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