Get ready! Blue Ridge Furfare has an extensive lineup of collaborative fandom events. Here are just a few highlights for 2020:

Want to have your fursona drawn by GOHs Falvie and DedPassm? How about during a set of zaney and off the wall ten minute challenges? Welcome to the The Anthro Artist Olympics, where four artists duke it out for truly absurd prizes. The art creation is broadcasted live, the tools are totally traditional, and the challenges couldn’t get any more diabolical. Plus, if your fursona is chosen, expect to walk away with traditional art in your paws!



Savory and sweet snacks are provided including the beloved furry fandom staple; donuts. Chill music and good Asheville vibes course through this event. Experience the comradery and zen.


Bring out your pencils, crayons, and feather pens. This is the perfect art event for every skill level. Large round tables are provided to draw in a positive and no pressure zone. DJ XROADS will lay down smooth and silky beats to get those muses flowing.

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