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Updated: 02.01.2023


Welcome to the Blue Ridge Furfare 2023 Dealer Information Page. This page is the official reference point for all information relevant to Dealers at our convention and will be updated as needed. If you are a prospective or confirmed dealer at Blue Ridge Furfare 2023, please bookmark this page and refer to it regularly.


Table of Contents


  1. Becoming a Dealer

  2. Application FAQ

  3. Dealer Registration Information

  4. Dealer Den Schedule

  5. Dealer Den Rules

  6. General FAQ

  7. Errata and Updates

Becoming a Dealer 

All sales and transactions of manufactured or wholesale goods at Blue Ridge Furfare 2023 must be done by an entity that has been designated as an Approved Dealer. In order to become an Approved Dealer and obtain access to our Dealer Den, you must have completed the following steps and selection process. Please read this section in full before applying!


Step 1: Apply

  • To begin the process of becoming an Approved Dealer, you must first complete and submit a Dealer Application. All required information must be filled in completely and accurately. Optional information is not required at this time, but may expedite our evaluation of your application and may become required at a later date.

  • Only one application per dealer business/entity please!

  • We may need to contact you in order to obtain additional information, so please make sure to check your email you have provided as your contact regularly.

  • NOTE: If your application is found to be lacking any critical information for us to make a decision, we will reach out to the above email. If you do not provide the requested information before February 24th, your application will be discarded and you will not be notified of approval or denial.

  • The Dealer Application will be open until 11:59 PM on February 24th, 2023.

  • For more detailed information and answers to common questions on the application, please see the Application FAQ section below.


Step 2: Selection

  • You will be notified by March 3rd whether your application has been approved or not via the Contact Email you have provided.


Step 3: Registration

  • Once we have received and verified your completed application, you will receive a link to pay the table fee ($15 USD), as well as pay for any other registration tier you wish. 

  • Upon entering the Blue Ridge Furfare Discord server, we will then give you the needed roles and channels to set up and conduct business. 

  • Further information can be found in the Dealer Registration Information section below.


Once you have completed the steps above and received your registration confirmation, you are considered an Approved Dealer for the Blue Ridge Furfare 2023 convention.


If you are interested in being a dealer, please fill out the Blue Ridge Furfare 2023 Dealer Application. If you have any questions while filling out the Dealer Application, please see the Application FAQ section below.


Application FAQ


What if I see a Google Sign In page when I first open the application Link?

  • This is expected! We are using Google Forms with a file submission option. Due to this a valid Google account is required. If you do not have a Google account to use with this form, please contact us at

  • NOTE: This email/account does not need to be associated with your business. A question on the form itself will ask for your “Contact Email” where you should supply the email in which you will receive all notifications and communication regarding the application and your status as a potential Dealer.


Does the “Preferred Name” need to match my Discord username?

  • No. This is simply for what we will address you as in our communications with you regarding this application and regarding your status as a potential dealer.


What is a “Public Business Name” or “Doing Business As”?

  • Related to the Legal Business Name above, a registered "DBA" or “Doing Business As” registration, also called an “assumed name,” is a name that your business may operate by or advertise as that differs from your legal business name.

  • For our purposes, this field is used to specify what name you would want listed on our site, media posts, and convention literature to refer to your business.


What is the Public Listing?

  • This is your description of your business that will be used to publicly list your business on our website, media posts, and convention literature.

  • Due to limitations on these mediums we have limited the entry to a maximum of 280 characters and reserve the right to edit it as needed to best fit those needs.

  • Imagine this was a single twitter post you’re allowed to make to advertise your business. Similar to that, carriage returns (or a new line) do count against this limit.


How does that differ from the “Detailed Product Offering”?

  • The “Detailed Product Offering” is your typed description of what your business will be displaying and selling at our convention if approved. Please be as detailed as possible!

  • Yes you can provide links to your products online, or photos of them here. Please note that if you have a full photo of your table, use the following questions to submit that.

  • If you have any After Dark (AD), Adult, or “Adult Novelty” items you plan to sell, please include details on them here.

  • NOTE: This question is marked as Required as we do need a written description of what your business is going to be offering for sale.


What else can I ask for in the “Other Requests” section?

  • Anything! If you have a special need or a cool idea, please let us know!

  • This section is particularly important if you have a specific need or needs for your dealer space that will prevent you from being successful if not met. We’d rather be able to apologize early if we can’t meet your needs this year than have them come up during setup! If we cannot meet your needs this year, we’ll also be taking notes for improving our Dealer Den for next year.

  • As stated on the question, we cannot guarantee any requests in this section.


So I’ve submitted my application, what now?

  • Thank you for applying! We’ll reach out to you via the contact email you’ve provided with any additional questions or notices as needed.

  • NOTE: If your application is found to be lacking any critical information for us to make a decision, we will reach out to the above email. If you do not provide the requested information before February 24th, your application will be discarded and you will not be notified of approval or denial.

  • You will receive notification of your approval or denial on or before March 3rd.


Have more questions on the Dealer Application you don't see here? Please email us at


Dealer Registration Information

Dealers registration and table fees are separated, but can be purchased and arranged in the same step, along with adding Dealer Assistant registrations and upgrading any registration being made. Dealer registrations are the same price, tier options, and early discount structure as regular registrations. They also follow the same cancellation and refund policies. (For details please refer to the Registration page.) In the event that a Dealer has already registered via the regular Registration page, we only need their legal name to attribute them as a Dealer before pre-registration has closed.


Dealers are subject to the NCAS Member Code of Conduct as a requirement of holding this membership as well as the NCAS Vendor Code of Conduct Addendum. Violations of these Codes of Conduct will result in sanctions as defined in those documents/pages. The actions of a Dealer Assistant can and will result in sanctions against the Dealer they are associated with.


Dealer Registration FAQ

What If I’ve already registered to attend Blue Ridge Furfare 2023 before my Dealer Application was approved?

  • No worries! We can attribute your "Dealer" status to the existing registration and there will be an “I’ve already registered” option on the registration page we send to you that you should select when completing the payment for your dealer table.


Dealer Den Schedule

The Dealer Den schedule will be:

  • Setup: 1 week before the convention. This will begin March 10th and end March 17th

  • Opening: March 17th, 6 PM-7 PM

  • Closing: March 19th, 5 PM 



The “Setup” period of the dealer den schedule will be the period 1 week before the convention in which dealers can set up their Discord forums (areas where business will be conducted).



The “Opening” period will be the portion right after opening ceremonies where attendees will be permitted to explore the server, attend panels, and go to your forum! You are allowed to conduct business whenever you want until the end of the convention, be it 3 PM, or 3 AM. 



The “Closing” period is when closing ceremonies will take place. At this point we will start winding down. We will leave a few things running Sunday however, so feel free to stick around for a bit after.



Dealer Den Rules

Dealers are required to know and follow the rules below in order to maintain their status as an Approved Dealer for the Blue Ridge Furfare 2023 convention. It is the responsibility of the dealer to check this page regularly for updates and changes.


Displays, Merchandise, and Services

  1. Items offered for sale in the Dealer Den should be related to the theme of the convention or should have a broad appeal to furries and others in attendance at Blue Ridge Furfare.

  2. Items that are illegal to possess or sell in the United States, State of North Carolina, or City of Durham (Firearms or restricted weapons, pornography involving minors, etc.) are prohibited in the Dealer Den. Items that require a specific permit or license to display or sell shall require the Dealer to present the license and are subject to approval by Dealer Den staff.

  3. Depiction of real or fictional minors in adult situations is prohibited.

  4. Any item that is prohibited for direct sale is also not permitted for display, giveaway, or delivery during or after the convention unless otherwise specified.

  5. The dealer that has been approved is the only dealer allowed to sell items from the forum post assigned. Do not sell goods on behalf of another in our forum post unless those goods were described in your Dealer Application and you are collecting and remitting sales tax for these items under your own business for tax purposes.

  6. Merchandise and products (including commissioned works) of an adult or sexual nature, or containing such content are regulated by the following rules within the Dealer Den.

    1. Such items whose primary purpose is functional rather than artistic (such as novelty items, personal care items, and toys) are prohibited at this time. As we encourage public health and safety for its attendees, an exception is made for sale or giveaway of condoms and similar prophylactics.

    2. Artwork, clothing, or other items of an appropriate but adult nature may be sold only if they are kept from public view. Such items must be covered or similarly shielded according to the details below.

      1. Artwork containing adult material should not be posted in Dealer’s Den forums. However, linked portfolio sites with adult material and appropriate warning are allowed.

    3. Dealers are directly and fully responsible for ensuring that minors are not permitted to view, handle, or be otherwise exposed to adult materials. Dealers who are found to be displaying adult-oriented items in such a fashion that they can be viewed by underage members will be afforded a single warning; further incidents may result in that dealer being removed from the Dealers Room without refund and possible loss of Dealers Room privileges for future conventions. Dealer Den staff have final say as to the suitability of wares for display or sale by dealers.

    4. Dealers should be aware that children, parents, venue employees, members of the press, and other members of the public may be present in the Dealer Den during open hours. All signs, banners, standing displays, etc. must, therefore, abide by a "PG" or better rating. Any display that may be damaging to our community or NCAS’ public image is strictly forbidden.

  7. Any artwork, merchandise, or paraphernalia, whether for sale or free, that would violate any terms of our Member Code of Conduct if worn or displayed is strictly prohibited.

    1. In specific any of the above that features hate speech, hate group iconography, or espouses violence, discrimination, or similar objectionable content is strictly prohibited.

    2. Determining what qualifies as any of these restricted items is the sole discretion of Dealer Den staff or convention leadership.

  8. No items may be produced or sold that bear the name “Blue Ridge Furfare,” the Blue Ridge Furfare logo, or any other intellectual property that Blue Ridge Furfare or NCAS have created without due licensure from North Carolina Anthropomorphic Society, Inc. (NCAS).

    1. Such a licensing agreement requires a licensing fee and pre-approval of the use of the intellectual property on such items before they are produced. If you would like to obtain such a license agreement, please contact us at before designing or producing such items.



  1. In any dispute regarding these rules, the operations of the dealer den, a dealer’s status and ability to sell at the convention, or related matters regarding dealers, Dealer Den staff and convention leadership have final say.

  2. You may appeal a decision to a higher staff member if you feel it is necessary. As fair warning, the higher the position an appeal goes for decision the busier the staff member usually is. The staff member may not have time to review your issue until well after its immediacy has passed.


General FAQ

What if I am an Approved Dealer but I find out that I cannot attend?

  • Please notify our team immediately by emailing us at so that we can assist you with your situation as soon as possible! If you do not receive a response within 48 hours, please reach out to us by our various social media platforms with a request for our Dealer Den team to contact you (just in case your email was lost).

  • Our refund schedule is matched to our regular Registration for your admission badges. In terms of table fee, you have until 2 weeks before the convention before the fee is nonrefundable. 

What happens if Blue Ridge Furfare 2023 is Postponed or Canceled?

  • If the convention is postponed, we will shift the refund deadlines to match our new dates once announced. Due to the changed dates, we will give you the option of receiving a refund for your table fee. Registrations may be canceled via the standard registration refund policy.

  • If the convention is canceled, we will automatically refund your table fee. You will be given the option to obtain a refund for your registrations, or roll them over to next year. Rolled over registrations will no longer be Dealer or Dealer Assistant registrations unless you are approved for a dealership position during the next convention.


Have more questions on the Dealer Information Page you don't see here? Please email us at


Errata and Updates


Note that this page is subject to change. Please check back here to see any updates we make!


Changes and Updates will be logged here for convenience and clarity. However, we cannot guarantee all changes will be logged accurately. If you are an Approved Dealer, please make sure to check this page in its entirety regularly.

General FAQ
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