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Blue Ridge Furfare 2023: Mainfurame Meltdown

Get ready to dive into a melting main-furr-ame of digital furry mayhem. The Good News: Beloved forest ranger Aster has invented a brand new, top secret, virtual reality system! The Bad News: Aster and his team of technical experts have been transported into a crumbling virtual reality main-furr-ame. Join your possum friend Petal as she dives in to save her beloved squirrel companion. But the journey will not be easy. The Main-furr-ame is a world of diabolical competitions, presentations, and even dance competitions to prove your technical prowess. Time is short, with each passing moment, this computer generated reality is falling to pieces. Can you make it out on time?

Your favorite mountain convention, Blue Ridge Furfare, is back in 2023 with a fully virtual online experience. No headset required! Welcome to Blue Ridge Furfare 2023: Mainfurrame Meltdown.

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